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Sign me up. I hope the shirts have a logo of something fast and cool, like a herring!

Coach Niall

sort of ...


I have a question Coaches. I have been all over the Internet, and all of the shoe sites are sold out of Innov-8 230s in my size (6.5). Is there another comparable shoe that I can get, or should I wait until one of the sites gets them in stock? Thanks

Coach Niall


First of all let me complement you on a great effort Saturday on a tough wod -- you are looking RIPPED!

As for shoes, we will post some general commentary in the near future but in the meantime try the follwoing to see what suits your needs

Inov8s 230s OR the 195s ( 195s are great if you are sticking to the roads for your running.)

Try these as well if you cannot snag a pair of Inov8s

Adidas Adizero Pro

New Balance Minimus Road

Brooks Green Silence

Hope the list helps and happy hunting!


Thanks Coach Niall

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